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Assigned seats, subscriptions, custom tickets and whatnot: deliver the best ticketing approach to your customers.

Sell more tickets. With less efforts.

Your customers demand a seamless omni-channel shopping experience. enables you to fulfill their expectations by selling all kinds of tickets, using an effective multi-platform approach. This way, your event or venue attracts more people with less effort.




Optimize your customer service

From reduced queues and personalized invitations to a higher accessability: one of the benefits of our cloud ticketing solution includes a better customer service. Ensure your visitors a smooth buying experience and make sure they get the experience of their lives.

Gain better insights

Getting insights into your customers is key to building effective marketing strategies and campaigns. Our tool provides specific data to help you better understand your traffic in real time, allowing you to follow up customer jourmeys and behavior.

Happy clients

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The platform offers all customers the ability to set up and use promotional packages.
Your event can be included in the event calendar of a number of our media partners which are visited by the thousands of web visitors. Current figures are between 200,000 and 350,000 unique visitors per month. In addition, the event can also be actively promoted within the newsletters of our service partners. The e-mail file of ticket buyers is very large and segmented by interest and region. The event is therefore actively boosted to the appropriate segments within this mailing list.

The platform also contains a number of marketing tools to the organizer so you can set up group mailings, promotion codes and track sales from codes to see how effective your campaigns are.